Can an Orange Really Help your Home Become Green?

A lot of companies say they are “going green,” but how exactly does that translate to you and your home? Have these companies simply changed out their light bulbs or begun recycling their office paper?

Well here at CitruSolution, it means that we are delivering a greener product to your home. Our carpet cleaning solvent is made with d-Limonene, which comes from the rinds and peels of the citrus fruits orange, lemon, and grapefruit.

The environmentally safe solvent does not add more waste to the environment. In fact, consider that the rinds that made your orange juice for breakfast this morning have found a new purpose!

In addition to being natural and leaving a pleasant scent, citrus is also touted for its de-greasing properties. It also dries quicker, which is an important benefit for your family and pets who can probably find a million reasons why they have to get to the other side of the house via the carpet you just had cleaned! The absence of harsh chemicals and soaps also means there’s no grimy or sticky residue left behind on your carpets.

We also have a lot of customers who report their allergies are substantially alleviated after we clean their home! We at CitruSolution use this product in our own homes because we, like you, have children and pets playing on our carpets along with the everyday spills an active family encounters. It is not only important that we offer the very best product we can from a business standpoint, but from a personal one, too.

Please check back here next month when I’ll reveal the number one mistake people make with their vacuum cleaners. And don’t hesitate to call CitruSolution of Johns Creek with your carpet and upholstery cleaning questions or to book an appointment.

Until next time,

~Steve Vorbeck, Owner/Operator

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