Five Tips to Extend the Life of your Carpet

We’re often asked if we can squeeze a few more years of life out of old or worn out carpet. Unfortunately, we’re not magicians, though our CitruSolution cleaning system is as close as you can come to magic. We can spruce up dingy carpet so it’s noticeably cleaner, but there are some bad habits that we simply can’t undo. That’s why I want to share with you these tips to extend the life of your carpet:

1. Check it at the Door
Tracking in dirt and grime from outside and then grinding it into the carpet as you walk through the house can take a noticeable toll on the condition of your flooring.
Instead of wearing your shoes in the house, check them at the door or swap them for in-house shoes or slippers that are designated as such.

2. Roll out the Red Carpet (or Green or Yellow!)
You probably use the most direct route to anywhere in your home, and unfortunately, that is the “traffic pattern” that wears into your carpet. Repeat abrasion from the constant wear not only flattens your carpet fibers, the pressure grinds dirt in and often severs the small strands that collectively hold each tuft of carpet in place. CitruSolution of Johns Creek’s proprietary cleaning process lifts and revives those fibers, but repeated wear can be hard to revive. We suggest placing rugs or runners in the areas of your home that experience the highest levels of traffic. Even an inexpensive runner from Walmart or Target will do wonders to protect your home, and may even add a welcome punch of color to your décor! Don’t forget to purchase coasters to place under your furniture’s legs to avoid deep divits in your carpet. Furniture coasters will even out the weight that is applied to the carpet, causing less stress. You’ll find these at places like Lowe’s or most home improvement stores.

3. Mix it Up.
If you are able to do so, change your furniture arrangements on occasion to re-direct floor traffic. One of the hardest things to combat is a strong wear pattern. Our CitruSolution process can help your carpet fibers spring back into action better than any other cleaner, but once it’s had heavy traffic upon it, it’s all but impossible to revive it back to it’s original condition.

4. Remove stains promptly
It’s likely you’ll have to deal with carpet stains at one time or another. We offer a terrific cleanser for those unexpected spots; but whatever you use, your cleaning technique is of the utmost importance. When dealing with a stain, start with the outer ring of it and work your way in. Gently rub the stain horizontally then vertically, then blot it to extract the tough stains. Be sure to use a clean white cloth so you don’t transfer dirt or fabric dyes to your carpet.

5. Vacuum Frequently
Keep your carpet vacuumed frequently to prevent dirt from settling into the base of the carpet and the pad. Dirt particles work like tiny jigsaws on the base of your carpet’s fibers, thinning and weakening the fibers as the dirt is pressed against them. And don’t forget to use those attachments to reach corners and baseboards where your home’s airflow is likely to suck a lot of dust and dirt.

Paired with these carpet-saving tips, try to get your carpet professionally cleaned every six months to keep it in like-new condition.

If hosting the holidays is in your future and your house doesn’t feel like it’s in “company condition,” then perhaps it’s time to freshen it up with a deep-down cleaning of your carpets and furniture. Call CitruSolution of Johns Creek today to book your appointment!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me personally if you have any questions or if we can be of service to you.

Steve Vorbeck, Owner/Operator
(770) 476-7211

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