Prepare your Home for the Holidays with CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Service

The clock seems to be running at lightning speed with the holidays quickly upon us. If you envision yourself taking pictures of the kids on the floor while they excitedly unwrap gifts, or if you’ll be hosting a family gathering in your home, what does the backdrop look like to you?

If it’s less than your ideal, what can you do to spruce it up? One way to make rooms appear fresh and clean is to revitalize dirty or worn carpets. There are certainly a lot of conventional and do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods out there and they may yield temporary results, but at what cost to you?
Most cleaners use harsh chemicals that leave behind a strong odor and residue that may be harmful to your family, especially children and pets who spend more time sitting or playing on the carpet.

The soap that commercial cleaners use leaves behind a sticky film that will actually attract dust and dirt, making your freshly cleaned carpets appear dirty a short time after they are cleaned.

Because CitruSolution of Johns Creek doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, you’ll be comfortable letting the kids and pets play on your carpet. Our deep-cleaning action uses the power of citrus to break down dirt and disinfect your carpet, and our powerful commercial vacuum cleaner lifts dirt away, pulling it from your carpet’s pad and the base of your carpet’s fibers.

What’s more, in the months to come you’ll notice that your carpets do not appear to get dirty as quickly. That’s because our proprietary CitruSolution doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt, dust, or odors.

Our customers tell us one of the best things about CitruSolution’s cleaning process is how quickly it dries and its light fresh scent versus soggy, musty, or chemical-smelling carpets.

If you are flipping your cushions to “the good side” for company, maybe it’s time we freshened up your upholstery as well. You’ll definitely notice the difference with CitruSolution when you sit on your freshly cleaned sofa and aren’t greeted by the nasty smell of chemicals, or worse, the smell or mold or mildew growing inside your cushions because they weren’t cared for or dried properly.

You know how it makes you feel when the whole house is spotless (if for ever-so-brief a moment)! Restore that feeling of pride in your home by restoring the look and smell of your carpets just in time for the holidays.

Good news Suwanee, Johns Creek, Cumming and the rest of North Metro Atlanta:
We still have appointments available before Christmas and the New Year so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (770) 476-7211 for a guaranteed quote over the phone with no hidden charges.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday,

Steve Vorbeck, Owner

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