The Number One Bad Cleaning Habit that May Spread Germs in your Home

Welcome back for today’s 4-1-1 on keeping your home healthy and clean. You know, with bed bugs hitting the U.S. en masse and people spreading them so easily through everyday activities like shopping or going to the movies, I’m reminded of how quickly and easily we can spread mold, germs, and parasites through our own homes.

One of the number one ways to finish your cleaning routine and not undo all the cleaning you’ve just done is to empty and clean your vacuum cleaner after every use. If this is not already a matter of habit for you, you may be thinking that this is an unnecessary and excessive step—but wait! Let me ask you this: When you vacuum with a carpet powder or insert a scented freshener inside of your vacuum, what do you smell when you turn the vacuum on? Exactly. Whatever is in your vacuum’s filter is instantly thrust into the air when you power it on.

So what is in your vacuum that you are sending back out into your home’s air? Potentially any combination of dust, dust mites, dander, mold, parasites, and yes, even those pesky bed bugs or their eggs. Not to mention, if your dirt cup is more than 1/3 full, you may decrease your vacuum’s cleaning power.

Many vacuums now have easy-to-remove dust cups to make emptying them a cinch. Regularly cleaning the cup not only reduces your home’s allergens, but helps your vacuum work more effectively and may result in fewer maintenance or repair issues.

Of course after the drastic amounts of dust we’ve had due to a dry summer in combination with the constant in-and-out with your family, a deep cleaning may be just what your carpet needs. Remember, dirt that your vacuum doesn’t pick up can work its way into the base and pad of your carpet, causing abrasion on the fibers and wear on the life of your carpet. Aside from wearing on your carpet and pad, the dirt can also create a breeding ground that results in musty and moldy smells that settle into your home.

If you need to freshen your carpets or want to achieve a deep down clean, just give CitruSolution of Johns Creek a call today. We can be out in a flash to improve the look, feel, and cleanliness of your carpets.

Until next time, keep those questions coming!

Steve Vorbeck

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