Prepare your Home for the Holidays with CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Service

The clock seems to be running at lightning speed with the holidays quickly upon us. If you envision yourself taking pictures of the kids on the floor while they excitedly unwrap gifts, or if you’ll be hosting a family gathering in your home, what does the backdrop look like to you?

If it’s less than your ideal, what can you do to spruce it up? One way to make rooms appear fresh and clean is to revitalize dirty or worn carpets. There are certainly a lot of conventional and do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods out there and they may yield temporary results, but at what cost to you?
Most cleaners use harsh chemicals that leave behind a strong odor and residue that may be harmful to your family, especially children and pets who spend more time sitting or playing on the carpet.

The soap that commercial cleaners use leaves behind a sticky film that will actually attract dust and dirt, making your freshly cleaned carpets appear dirty a short time after they are cleaned.

Because CitruSolution of Johns Creek doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, you’ll be comfortable letting the kids and pets play on your carpet. Our deep-cleaning action uses the power of citrus to break down dirt and disinfect your carpet, and our powerful commercial vacuum cleaner lifts dirt away, pulling it from your carpet’s pad and the base of your carpet’s fibers.

What’s more, in the months to come you’ll notice that your carpets do not appear to get dirty as quickly. That’s because our proprietary CitruSolution doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt, dust, or odors.

Our customers tell us one of the best things about CitruSolution’s cleaning process is how quickly it dries and its light fresh scent versus soggy, musty, or chemical-smelling carpets.

If you are flipping your cushions to “the good side” for company, maybe it’s time we freshened up your upholstery as well. You’ll definitely notice the difference with CitruSolution when you sit on your freshly cleaned sofa and aren’t greeted by the nasty smell of chemicals, or worse, the smell or mold or mildew growing inside your cushions because they weren’t cared for or dried properly.

You know how it makes you feel when the whole house is spotless (if for ever-so-brief a moment)! Restore that feeling of pride in your home by restoring the look and smell of your carpets just in time for the holidays.

Good news Suwanee, Johns Creek, Cumming and the rest of North Metro Atlanta:
We still have appointments available before Christmas and the New Year so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (770) 476-7211 for a guaranteed quote over the phone with no hidden charges.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday,

Steve Vorbeck, Owner

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Five Tips to Extend the Life of your Carpet

We’re often asked if we can squeeze a few more years of life out of old or worn out carpet. Unfortunately, we’re not magicians, though our CitruSolution cleaning system is as close as you can come to magic. We can spruce up dingy carpet so it’s noticeably cleaner, but there are some bad habits that we simply can’t undo. That’s why I want to share with you these tips to extend the life of your carpet:

1. Check it at the Door
Tracking in dirt and grime from outside and then grinding it into the carpet as you walk through the house can take a noticeable toll on the condition of your flooring.
Instead of wearing your shoes in the house, check them at the door or swap them for in-house shoes or slippers that are designated as such.

2. Roll out the Red Carpet (or Green or Yellow!)
You probably use the most direct route to anywhere in your home, and unfortunately, that is the “traffic pattern” that wears into your carpet. Repeat abrasion from the constant wear not only flattens your carpet fibers, the pressure grinds dirt in and often severs the small strands that collectively hold each tuft of carpet in place. CitruSolution of Johns Creek’s proprietary cleaning process lifts and revives those fibers, but repeated wear can be hard to revive. We suggest placing rugs or runners in the areas of your home that experience the highest levels of traffic. Even an inexpensive runner from Walmart or Target will do wonders to protect your home, and may even add a welcome punch of color to your décor! Don’t forget to purchase coasters to place under your furniture’s legs to avoid deep divits in your carpet. Furniture coasters will even out the weight that is applied to the carpet, causing less stress. You’ll find these at places like Lowe’s or most home improvement stores.

3. Mix it Up.
If you are able to do so, change your furniture arrangements on occasion to re-direct floor traffic. One of the hardest things to combat is a strong wear pattern. Our CitruSolution process can help your carpet fibers spring back into action better than any other cleaner, but once it’s had heavy traffic upon it, it’s all but impossible to revive it back to it’s original condition.

4. Remove stains promptly
It’s likely you’ll have to deal with carpet stains at one time or another. We offer a terrific cleanser for those unexpected spots; but whatever you use, your cleaning technique is of the utmost importance. When dealing with a stain, start with the outer ring of it and work your way in. Gently rub the stain horizontally then vertically, then blot it to extract the tough stains. Be sure to use a clean white cloth so you don’t transfer dirt or fabric dyes to your carpet.

5. Vacuum Frequently
Keep your carpet vacuumed frequently to prevent dirt from settling into the base of the carpet and the pad. Dirt particles work like tiny jigsaws on the base of your carpet’s fibers, thinning and weakening the fibers as the dirt is pressed against them. And don’t forget to use those attachments to reach corners and baseboards where your home’s airflow is likely to suck a lot of dust and dirt.

Paired with these carpet-saving tips, try to get your carpet professionally cleaned every six months to keep it in like-new condition.

If hosting the holidays is in your future and your house doesn’t feel like it’s in “company condition,” then perhaps it’s time to freshen it up with a deep-down cleaning of your carpets and furniture. Call CitruSolution of Johns Creek today to book your appointment!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me personally if you have any questions or if we can be of service to you.

Steve Vorbeck, Owner/Operator
(770) 476-7211

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The Number One Bad Cleaning Habit that May Spread Germs in your Home

Welcome back for today’s 4-1-1 on keeping your home healthy and clean. You know, with bed bugs hitting the U.S. en masse and people spreading them so easily through everyday activities like shopping or going to the movies, I’m reminded of how quickly and easily we can spread mold, germs, and parasites through our own homes.

One of the number one ways to finish your cleaning routine and not undo all the cleaning you’ve just done is to empty and clean your vacuum cleaner after every use. If this is not already a matter of habit for you, you may be thinking that this is an unnecessary and excessive step—but wait! Let me ask you this: When you vacuum with a carpet powder or insert a scented freshener inside of your vacuum, what do you smell when you turn the vacuum on? Exactly. Whatever is in your vacuum’s filter is instantly thrust into the air when you power it on.

So what is in your vacuum that you are sending back out into your home’s air? Potentially any combination of dust, dust mites, dander, mold, parasites, and yes, even those pesky bed bugs or their eggs. Not to mention, if your dirt cup is more than 1/3 full, you may decrease your vacuum’s cleaning power.

Many vacuums now have easy-to-remove dust cups to make emptying them a cinch. Regularly cleaning the cup not only reduces your home’s allergens, but helps your vacuum work more effectively and may result in fewer maintenance or repair issues.

Of course after the drastic amounts of dust we’ve had due to a dry summer in combination with the constant in-and-out with your family, a deep cleaning may be just what your carpet needs. Remember, dirt that your vacuum doesn’t pick up can work its way into the base and pad of your carpet, causing abrasion on the fibers and wear on the life of your carpet. Aside from wearing on your carpet and pad, the dirt can also create a breeding ground that results in musty and moldy smells that settle into your home.

If you need to freshen your carpets or want to achieve a deep down clean, just give CitruSolution of Johns Creek a call today. We can be out in a flash to improve the look, feel, and cleanliness of your carpets.

Until next time, keep those questions coming!

Steve Vorbeck

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Can an Orange Really Help your Home Become Green?

A lot of companies say they are “going green,” but how exactly does that translate to you and your home? Have these companies simply changed out their light bulbs or begun recycling their office paper?

Well here at CitruSolution, it means that we are delivering a greener product to your home. Our carpet cleaning solvent is made with d-Limonene, which comes from the rinds and peels of the citrus fruits orange, lemon, and grapefruit.

The environmentally safe solvent does not add more waste to the environment. In fact, consider that the rinds that made your orange juice for breakfast this morning have found a new purpose!

In addition to being natural and leaving a pleasant scent, citrus is also touted for its de-greasing properties. It also dries quicker, which is an important benefit for your family and pets who can probably find a million reasons why they have to get to the other side of the house via the carpet you just had cleaned! The absence of harsh chemicals and soaps also means there’s no grimy or sticky residue left behind on your carpets.

We also have a lot of customers who report their allergies are substantially alleviated after we clean their home! We at CitruSolution use this product in our own homes because we, like you, have children and pets playing on our carpets along with the everyday spills an active family encounters. It is not only important that we offer the very best product we can from a business standpoint, but from a personal one, too.

Please check back here next month when I’ll reveal the number one mistake people make with their vacuum cleaners. And don’t hesitate to call CitruSolution of Johns Creek with your carpet and upholstery cleaning questions or to book an appointment.

Until next time,

~Steve Vorbeck, Owner/Operator

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What is that Dark Line on the Carpet around your Baseboards?

Now I haven’t forgotten about that little teaser I put out last month. Our cleaning professionals are chockfull of knowledge about carpet and upholstery, and one of the most common questions we encounter revolves around that dark mystery line that can be found along the carpet at the wall’s baseboards. Many people mistakenly diagnose it as mold. In fact, it is usually a build up of dust and dirt that can be attributed to the way the air circulates throughout most homes. I know, a lot of people breathe a sigh of relief to find out it is not likely to be mold, and then wonder what they can do to treat or prevent the dark lines.

Yes, it is preventable, and I’d like to help you understand why it’s happening so the steps I prescribe to avoid further darkening will make sense.

The perimeters of the carpet are subject to turning a dingy gray or black because the natural airflow in people’s homes sucks dust bunnies and air particles to that area between most floors and walls. Not using the attachments on the vacuum cleaner to tend to those areas regularly, and neglecting to change out the air filters frequently will indeed exacerbate the problem. Unfortunately, conventional vacuum cleaners don’t extend that close to the wall and the only way to avoid those dark marks is to religiously use those attachments to thoroughly clean that inch or two-wide line of carpet that gets passed by time and again.

If you’ve already got the problem, you can try a natural solvent to clean it. Create a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water. Unscrew a broom handle from a broom’s head and tie a clean white cloth to it. Dip it in the solution and clean along your baseboards. This should help fade it a little, and we can also treat it, but you may not be able to eliminate the darkest stains entirely. The most important thing you can do is preventative maintenance.

How often do you vacuum? And how often do you break out the attachments and hit the corners and crevices? Did this information about the darkened carpet encourage you to give more attention to the area along your baseboards? Glad we could help!

If you have any questions for us, drop us a line!

And in answer to John in Cumming who has a question about cleaning his carpets during this humid weather: No problem, John! CitruSolution’s specially formulated treatment is designed to dry quickly—even in this heinous weather we’ve been having!

Until next time,

Steve Vorbeck, Owner/Operator

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CitruSolution Johns Creek: A Message from Steve Vorbeck, President

Welcome to CitruSolution. I’m Steve Vorbeck, and I operate my CitruSolution carpet cleaning service from the heart of North Atlanta—Johns Creek, Georgia. My team and I clean carpets, upholstery, and furniture using an environmentally friendly and effective “Citrus Solution,” hence the name of the franchise. I look forward to getting to know you through this blog forum and lending you some inside industry advice on how to keep your home clean, fresh, and healthy. I think you’ll be surprised by some of the things I’ll share with you—most people are!

When I decided to become an entrepreneur, I had an opportunity to go in many directions. Deciding what was worthwhile to me and where to focus my energies was both an exciting and daunting undertaking! I studied CitruSolution’s franchise model and found that it embodied my beliefs in business, customer service, health, and environmental protection. I knew instantly that this was the right fit for me.

I’m an owner-operator who has his hands on the pulse of every appointment CitruSolution Johns Creek undertakes. This isn’t just a job for me; it’s my career and my livelihood. I appreciate every customer who engages CitruSolution to clean and sanitize their home and will go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction every time they call upon us. We rely heavily upon your referrals and want you to know that we’ll treat your neighbors, friends, and family with the same quality service and respect we deliver to you.

The cleaning solution we use is more natural (made from orange, lemon and grapefruit peels) and is far safer and more powerful than the strongest chemicals on the market. Our cleaning method bucks the traditional steam cleaners’ techniques by removing dirt and debris instead of further embedding it into your carpet’s pad and backing.

You’ll find that I’m not big on gimmicks and that I believe in the transparency and integrity of offering a reputable business. We are the only carpet cleaning company I know of who will offer you a quote over the phone and guarantee it. We don’t add hidden fees like trip charges, spot-cleaning up charges, or extended room size charges. The price we quote you is the price you get. You don’t need to worry about hunting up coupons or wonder when our next “deal” or promotion will run. With CitruSolution, you’ll get our everyday, affordable, and competitive pricing upfront.

I know you’ll find that your health, helping people, and offering an extraordinary product at a fair price are all very important to me, as is establishing a long-term reciprocal relationship with my customers. I look forward to serving you. In the meantime, what questions can I answer for you about the care of your carpet and upholstery?

Please check back here next month when I’ll reveal some insider tips about those dark marks in your carpet along your baseboards. And don’t hesitate to call CitruSolution of Johns Creek with your questions or to book an appointment.

Until next time,

Steve Vorbeck


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